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CLD and AJI Train RTI Experts

CLD and AJI Train RTI Experts11 Feb 2013 15:10 pm - Administrator

Weak civil society demand for information, combined with a lack understanding about how to make requests for information, can be a major implementation weakness in countries seeking to implement new right to information (RTI) laws.

Large RTI Requesting Exercise Leads to Key Recommendations

5 Feb 2013 21:09 pm - Asep Saefullah

CLD and AJI held a workshop in Jakarta today as part of a project which has trained local groups working in different sectors to make requests for information.

AJI deplores the efforts to silence the press

15 Jun 2012 21:17 pm - Asep Saefullah

The Alliance of Independent Journalist (AJI) of Semarang City deplores the systematic efforts to silence the press/ media in the hearing of bribery allegation by non-active Regional Secretary of Semarang, Akhmat Zaenuri.

KIP: Public Body obliges to implement UU KIP

15 Jun 2012 21:15 pm - admin

Commission of Central Information urges to the public body to implement and conduct the mandate of the Law of Public Information Disclosure, seriously, among others, by appointing the Documentation and Information Management Official.

Requesting the Implementation of Public Information Freedom

15 Jun 2012 21:14 pm - admin

Although it had been applied since 1 May 2010, the Law Number 14 Year 2008 concerning the Public Information Freedom (UU KIP) is still apparently dead. The public body has not also implemented yet the mandate of UU KIP, and they are still trapped in the culture of public information closure. On the other hands, the same thing is also stated by Secretary General of the Alliance of Independent Journalist, Suwarjono, in the introduction of book launching, entitled “Menggedor Pintu, Mendobrak Sekat Informasi – Pengalaman Jurnalis Memohon Informasi Publik” at Jakarta, on Friday (9/3).

Not yet transparent, UU KIP won’t be effective

15 Jun 2012 21:11 pm - admin

Today’s government is assessed having no ability to fulfill the public desire to be more transparent, mainly concerning the budget use. Yet, the officials and their staffs often feel afraid for giving factual data related to the requested information.

Citizens' Freedom under Threat, Law on Intelligence Contested

15 Jun 2012 21:11 pm - admin

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) and four NGOs as well as 13 individuals file a judicial review over Law No.17/2011 on State Intelligence to the Constitutional Court on Thursday, Jan 5. AJI said that the approval of the law threatens freedom of the press and democracy in the nation.