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AJI launches handbook on freedom of expression

1 Jun 2010 14:35 pm - Asep Saefullah

The Alliance of Indonesian Independent Journalists (AJI) launched a handbook Thursday about the freedom of expression, expected to become a guide for local reporters writing advocacy reports.

The book, The Freedom of Expression, a Guide for Journalists and Activists of Free Expression, details basic concepts such as legal instruments and a guide to advocacy, written in the everyday language for easy use.

The AJI said in a media statement the handbook was written out of concern over the lingering threat to the hard-fought freedom of expression in Indonesia, even though it is technically guaranteed by the Constitution.

Article 28F of the Constitution stipulates that “Every citizen has the right to convey information with all the available means.”

Despite the law, the Attorney General’s Office recently banned five books deemed to threaten national stability. The Film Censor Agency has also banned several works, such as a documentary film about the murder of five foreign journalists in East Timor in 1975, AJI said. — JP
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Fri, June 11 2010