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KIP: Public Body obliges to implement UU KIP

15 Jun 2012 14:15 pm - admin
Jakarta – Commission of Central Information urges to the public body to implement and conduct the mandate of the Law of Public Information Disclosure, seriously, among others, by appointing the Documentation and Information Management Official.

According to the Commissioner of Central Information Commission, Abdul Rahman Ma'mun, yesterday, the Commission of Central Information sees that not all public bodies implement the mandate of the Law Number 14 Year 2008.

Indeed, he continued, the Minister of Informatics and Communication along with the Commission of Central Information has for several times implemented socialization to the public body or state institution. 

"If it is left with no action, this condition will be a boomerang for the government,” said Abdul Rahman.

He reminded that the public body which is not fulfilling the request for public information from the applicant can be punished with criminal sanction. 

Article 52 of UU KIP is stating that the public body which is intentionally not providing, not giving, and/ or not publishing the public information in the form of periodic information, a public information that obliges to be announced at once, a public information that must be provided at all times, and/ or a public information that must be provided at request according to UU KIP and causing loss for others are punished with criminal confinement at longest of one year and/ or penalty sanction at maximum of five millions Rupiah.

Commission of Central Information advises to the government for prioritizing the fulfillment of mandate in UU KIP as one benchmark of the state institution’s success in the realization of good governance. 

"Prioritizing the fulfillment of UU KIP as the criteria of success becomes one effort to support a good governance, corruption eradication, and facilities to increase public supervision,” said Abdul Rahman.

Commission of Central Information also called upon the compiler of the law and other regulations for continually giving a deep concern to the substance of UU KIP in the legislation process.

Meanwhile, the press and universities are advised to have a participation in monitoring and conducting evaluation toward the implementation of UU KIP by all public bodies. 

UU KIP was legitimated on April 30, 2008, and started to be effective two years from the date of its enactment. Therefore, on April 30, 2011, UU KIP has been one year of effectiveness and conducted

According to the records in Commission of Central Information, now, there are only 23 public bodies of the state that have made internal regulation and appointed PPID, which is DPR RI, DPD RI, Indonesian National Police, National Archives, Commission of General Election (KPU), Commission of Corruption Eradication (KPK), Institute of Indonesia’s Science (LIPI), Constitutional Court, High Prosecutor, Body of Development and Financial Supervision (BPKP), and Supreme Court.

Afterwards, there are Ministry of Safety and Legal Political Coordination, Coordinator Ministry of People Welfare, Ministry of Informatics and Communication, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children Protection, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Efficient Utilization of State Apparatuses and Reformation of Bureaucracy.