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AJI deplores the efforts to silence the press

15 Jun 2012 14:17 pm - Asep Saefullah
Semarang – The Alliance of Independent Journalist (AJI) of Semarang City deplores the systematic efforts to silence the press/ media in the hearing of bribery allegation by non-active Regional Secretary of Semarang, Akhmat Zaenuri.
The Chairman of AJI Semarang, Renjani Puspa Sari, said that for the sake of keeping a good image of certain official/ party, the mass media coverage on the hearing of bribery allegation done by Regional Secretary of Semarang toward the member of Regional House of People’s Representative (DPRD) can not totally be reported. 
"There is a blurring effort in the content of the story. The news that should be referring to the hearing’s merits of case by mentioning the people involved in the scenario and knowing the real actor in that bribery allegation case, was not disclosed," said her as contacted in Semarang, on Thursday (23/2/2012).
Indeed, she continued, the fact in the hearing of Corruption Crime Court (Tipikor) in Semarang showed that the prosecutors (JPU) in their letter of accusation mentioned that the Mayor of Semarang, Soemarmo HS, got involved or at least knew about the bribery plan done by the Regional Secretary, Akmat Zaenuri.
"If in the news coverage, the name of the Mayor are not mentioned, it is definitely castrating the public’s right to gain honest and transparent information based on the fact," said her.
According to her, the press shall become the last fort for controlling a clean governmental order and law enforcement, after there is no longer trust from the society towards the executive, legislative, and judicative institutions. 
Nevertheless, she admitted that there is a big power which is systematically influencing the editor’s attitude in several media, for not reporting the involvement of particular parties in that case. 
"We realized, that big power is hard to be resisted by the journalists. But, we encourage to re-establish the function of press as the control, returning the press’ function to the public interest," said Renjani.